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Make a Will Month

by Robin Spurr, Published: November 12, 2018

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“There is no good reason not to have a will — any time is a good time to make one,”

Felice Kirsh discusses the perils of finding heirs

by Robin Spurr, Published: October 03, 2018

Tags: beneficiaries,  estate litigation,  estate planning,  heirs,  inheritance,  intestacy

Read Felice Kirsh's article in Advocate Daily about identifying and tracking down beneficiaries.  You can find it here.

The partners at SKOT LLP are Lexpert-ranked

by Robin Spurr, Published: September 25, 2018

Tags: estate litigation,  estate planning,  leading lawyers,  lexpert

The new 2019 Lexpert rankings are out!

Buzz Aldrin Guardianship Dispute & the Importance of Planning for Incapacity

by Mitchell Rattner, Published: June 26, 2018

Tags: estate litigation,  estate planning,  guardianship,  incapable,  incapacity,  power of attorney,  wills and estates

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is suing his two children for improperly taking control of his finances. His children had previously brought a Court Application to have him declared incapable, and to have them appointed as his guardians for property.

As this litigation is unfolding, it is a good time to consider the importance of planning for future incapacity, and some benefits - and risks - of making Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property.

Powers of Attorney - Common Myths

by Mitchell Rattner, Published: March 16, 2018

Tags: estate litigation,  estate planning,  power of attorney,  wills and estates

Last November was the Ontario Bar Association's "Make a Will Month", and I spoke at Barbara Frum Library about the benefits of having a will. While a will is an important and effective tool for directing how your property is to be distributed following your death, powers of attorney enable you to authorize someone else to act on your behalf with respect to managing your property and/or making decisions concerning your health and personal care.

I recently read an article that contained inaccurate information about powers of attorney, and decided to clarify a few common myths.

Estate Planning - Digital Assets

by Mitchell Rattner, Published: September 02, 2016

Tags: digital assets,  estate litigation,  estate planning,  trusts,  wills,  wills and estates

This article looks at "digital assets" and how they may be factored into estate planning.

2016 Amendments to the Income Tax Act – Graduated Rate Estates and Qualified Disability Trusts

by Mitchell Rattner, Published: June 06, 2016

Tags: estate litigation,  estate planning,  estates,  graduated rate estate,  income tax act,  qualified disability trust,  tax planning,  trusts

Amendments to the Income Tax Act that came into effect on January 1, 2016 require testamentary trusts to be taxed at the highest marginal rate, but for two exceptions: the Graduated Rate Estate and the Qualified Disability Trust.

Parents have testamentary freedom

by Rob Levesque, Published: September 08, 2014

Tags: estate planning,  felice kirsh

Felice Kirsh was recently quoted in an article on  In "  Wealthy or not, parents have testamentary freedom"  , Felice advises parents to consider the size of their estate and the financial situation of each child when planning their estates. 

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